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International cooperation in intensity data collection

The Commission on Small Molecules of the IUCr(SCM) has a program to establish contacts between crystallographers lacking state-of-the-art facilities for intensity data collection and crystallographers having the capability of collecting at least one intensity data set per year to assist those in need.

Requests for assistance in X-ray crystallographic intensity data collection through the auspices of the CSM must be accompanied by a three-part application.

Part 1 - The Project

Part 2 - The Laboratory

Part 3 - The Applicant

Publication Policy

The recipient of the data and the supplier are to establish between themselves policies concerning the publication of results from the cooperative project.

For further information, please contact

Dr. Maureen Mackay
School of Chemistry
La Trobe University
Victoria 3083

Tel: (03) 479 2524
Telex: AA 33143
Fax: (03) 478 5814

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