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IUCr 1994 Report - American Crystallographic Association (ACA)

The American Crystallographic Association continues to enjoy a growing number of members, increasing participation in the Annual Meeting and a sound financial base. The Annual Meeting of the American Crystallographic Association was held in Atlanta, Georgia, 25 June-1 July 1994. Highlights of the Meeting included awarding the Bertram E. Warren Award to Dr Michael J. Bedzyk and the Martin J. Buerger Award to Professor Philip Coppens and a three-day Symposium on New Trends in Small Moiety Crystallography co-sponsored by the ACA and the Commission on Small Molecules, which provided an interesting and well attended opening session for the Meeting. The ACA continues to foster junior scientists: part of the programme was organized by the young scientists' interest group and five students received Pauling Prizes for their outstanding poster presentations. The 1995 Meeting will be held in Montreal in July 1995 and the programme will be available on the Internet.

The ACA continues to expand its representation as Regional Associate of the IUCr. At the June ACA Council Meeting, Dr Manuel Soriano was appointed as interim Representative of Mexico pending organization of the Mexican Division. The ACA also maintains close ties with the American Institute of Physics and has Representatives on key committees of the larger organization. The officers of the ACA for 1994 are Elinor E. Adman, President; Hugo Steinfink, Vice-president; S. N. Rao, Treasurer; Charlotte Lowe-Ma, Secretary; Richard E. Marsh, Past-president; I. David Brown, Canadian Representative; William l. Duax, Executive Officer.

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