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IUCr 1994 Report - Commission on Crystal Growth and Characterization of Materials

During 1994, the Commission helped to organize the 2nd Symposium on X-ray Topography and High-Resolution Diffraction, which was held 5-8 September 1994 in Gosen, Germany (near Berlin), as a Satellite Meeting of the Fifteenth European Crystallographic Meeting (ECM-15) in Dresden, Germany. About 220 scientists attended the Symposium, 80 from Germany, 58 from other Western European countries, 62 from Eastern European countries and 16 from countries outside Europe (mainly from the USA and Japan). The scientific programme comprised 43 oral presentations (among them 3 reviews and 21 invited reports) and 149 poster contributions. This relatively high number of participants and of scientific contributions demonstrates clearly the great and worldwide interest in Symposia of this kind. The Symposium was financially supported by the IUCr. Eleven attendees received IUCr Young Scientist Awards. The Proceedings of the Symposium were published in J. Phys. D, (1995), 28, Al-A300. The 3rd European Symposium on X-ray and High-Resolution Diffraction will be held 22-24 April 1996 in Palermo, Italy.

An essential activity of the Commission during 1994 was the organization of a School for young scientists mainly from East European countries. The International Summer School on Growth and Characterization of Crystals was held 4-14 September 1995 in Krynica, a famous health resort in Poland close to the border with Slovakia. The organization of the School was performed by Professor S. Hodorwicz (Cracow) and Professor K. Sangwal (Lublin). Four present and two previous members of the Commission were active on the International Programme Committee. Three present and two previous Commission members presented lectures. As a whole, 41 lectures (each 1 hour) were presented by 18 speakers from various countries. The content of the lectures covered practically all important growth and characterization techniques for bulk crystals and epitaxic layers, and a broad spectrum of materials (inorganic and organic including proteins, and semiconducting and superconducting materials). The total number of participants was 29, most of them coming from East European countries. The School was financially supported by the IUCr. Ten attendees received IUCr Young Scientist Awards.

Another important Commission activity of the year was the preparation of the International School on Advanced Electronic Materials, which was held 6-15 February 1995 in the Crystal Growth Centre of the Anna University, Madras, India. The local organization was performed by Professor C. Subramanian and his staff. The Commission was strongly engaged in the International Programme Committee with six present and two previous Commission members. A serious problem was the small financial base of the School, which did not allow support to be granted to lecturers. Nevertheless, 16 non-Indian and 6 Indian speakers were recruited and a programme of 46 lectures (each 1 hour) was established. Three Commission members were active as lecturers. The School was sponsored and financially supported by the IUCr, mainly for the subsistence of young scientists.

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