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IUCr 1994 Report - Commission on Crystallographic Computing

The main activities of the Commission during 1994 were:

(1) Refereeing of the section Computer Program Abstracts in Journal of Applied Crystallography, which has been carried out by D. Watkin and M. Ramanadham.

(2) Thanks to H. Flack, the experience with the CONCISE bulletin board, as a computerized information system for crystallographers, was continued in conjunction with the European Crystallographic Committee. Connection details are given in the IUCr Newsletter (Vol. 1, No. 1).

(3) The major activity of the Commission was the organization of a School in the Asian area in 1995. The School, organized jointly by the Teaching and the Computing Commissions, will be a Satellite of the Second Meeting of the Asian Crystallographic Association. After a long period spent trying to find a suitable site in a country willing to comply with ICSU rules for the circulation of bona fide scientists, the final choice was Bangkok, where Professor P. Phavanantha offered his valuable cooperation and accepted the invitation to act as Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee for both the School and the AsCA Meeting. The School will take place immediately after the AsCA Meeting, 27-30 November 1995. The programme of the School includes the most basic aspects of crystallography and crystallographic algorithms, as well as some of the most recent developments. Demonstrations and practical sessions on personal computers are also foreseen.

(4) The organization of the Macromolecular Crystallography Computing School as a Satellite Meeting of the Seattle Congress is now at a more advanced stage. Dr Philip Bourne and Dr Keith Watenpaugh, acting as local organizing persons, proposed the Western Washington University, Olympia, Washington, USA, as the most likely location. The School will concentrate on the most recent aspects of macromolecular crystallography computing, both theoretical and practical. Lectures and Tutorials/Workshops with hands-on sessions will be given almost equal time. The main topics will be: data processing, phasing, model building, refinement and analysis of macromolecular data.

(5) Following a suggestion of Dr D. Watkin, plans for the organization of a small regional School, more oriented towards computational aspects, were continued. As a first trial, the Commission has entrusted Dr Watkin to explore the possibility of running such a Workshop in Europe within the next 12-15 months. Apart from a few enthusiastic replies, there was little response. Since the idea is viewed with favor by most Commision members, its feasibility is being reconsidered.

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