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IUCr 1995 Report - American Crystallographic Association (ACA)

The ACA had another highly successful year with increased membership and increased participation in their annual meeting. The meeting was held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 23-28 July 1995. Under the able leadership of Y. Le Page (Programme Chair) and M. Cygler (Local Chair), the meeting was packed with science and activities. The abstracts for the meeting were posted on the World-Wide Web, which proved to be a useful way to highlight the science presented at the meeting. The ACA presented Dr K. Trueblood and Dr J. P. Glusker with the Fankuchen Award at the Montreal meeting. Also, five students, Fei Gu, Peter Kuhn, Erik Martinez-Hackert, Monica Niederhut and Thomas Schneider, were presented with a Pauling Prize for their poster presentations

The ACA remains an active member of the American Institute of Physics and provides representatives to several AIP committees. The ACA again sponsored a summer school in crystallography held in Pittsburgh. The ACA accepted an application from Mexico to join the Regional Association. Members of the ACA Council for 1995 were: President: H. Steinfink; Past-President: E. Adman; Vice-President: C. Huber; Treasurer: J. Griffin; Secretary: C. Lowe-Ma; Canadian representative: I. D. Brown; Mexican representative: M. Soriano; Executive officer: W. L. Duax.

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