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IUCr 1995 Report - Commission on Small Molecules

Most of the Commission's efforts during this year have been concentrated on preparations for the Seattle Congress and General Assembly. J. A. K. Howard and J. L. Flippen-Anderson are active members of the International Programme Committee, with particular responsibility for coordinating the small-molecule activities in Seattle. There will be three Plenary Lectures (V. K. Belsky, G. Desiraju and A. Gavezzotti) directly concerned with Commission topics of interest. In addition, F. H. Herbstein and Y. Ohashi are organizing Microsymposia on Solid State Reactions and Dynamic Properties in Molecular Crystals, respectively, while R. Harlow and R. Boese are organizing an Open Meeting of the Commission on Chemical Crystallography of the Future.

Commission-approved meetings or sessions took place at the Kloster Irsee meeting on Computational Methods in Chemical Design, Molecular Modelling - Theory and Experiment (organized by C. Kruger et al.) in May 1994, at the ACA Meeting in Montreal, Canada, in July 1995 (The Description, Understanding, and Prediction of the Structure of Inorganic Solids, organized by I. D. Brown), at ECM-16 in Lund, Sweden, in August 1995 (Intermolecular Interactions and Packing in Crystals organized by J. A. K. Howard and H.-B. Bürgi) and the Small Molecules Indaba in the Kruger National Park, South Africa, in August 1995 (Fundamental Principles of Molecular Modelling, organized by J. C. A. Boeyens; proceedings are being edited by W. Gans and published by Plenum).

The proceedings of the three-day symposium entitled New Trends in Small Moiety Crystallography held at the ACA Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, in 1994 has appeared as a Special Issue (edited by F. H. Herbstein) of Acta Cryst. (1995), B51, 385-640, which can be ordered separately. The proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Organic Crystal Chemistry (held at Poznan-Rydzyna in August 1994), edited by D. W. Jones and A. Katrusiak, have appeared as Volume 374 of J. Mol. Struct. Proceedings of the session on Phase Relations and Transformations in Some Small Moiety Systems of the Symposium on Molecular Structure held in Fuzhou, China, in September 1993 will appear as an issue of Crystallography Reports (edited by F. H. Herbstein).

The Executive Committee has approved the Commission's suggestion that its name be changed to Commission on Structural Chemistry; this has to be approved by the General Assembly. Negotiations are being pursued to associate gas electron diffractionists with the activities of the Commission.

The Commission suffered a grievous loss with the death of Yu. T. Struchkov, an active member of long standing.

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