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IUCr 1996 Report - American Crystallographic Association (ACA)

A great deal of effort by the ACA and its members was directed towards the organization of the highly successful IUCr XVII Congress and General Assembly in Seattle. The IUCr is grateful for the very positive publicity crystallography received. The Congress was attended by many scientists not directly associated with the crystallographic community, and several were outspoken in expressing positive opinions on the organization and the scientific programme.

The ACA continues to be a vibrant organization. A new SIG, the General Interest Group, was formed and will be active at the 1997 meeting to be held in St Louis in July 1997. A new award was instituted for Science Writing, for which all ACA members can submit material that has appeared in a newspaper or a popular magazine. A statement on Ethics in Crystallography was adopted by the ACA Council and published in the ACA Newsletter. Calls for nominations were issued for the Warren, Buerger and Patterson Awards, to be presented at the 1997 meeting.

As the North American Regional Associate of the IUCr, the ACA aims to increase its contact and collaboration with the Mexican crystallographic community. Discussions on how best to accomplish this are continuing.

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