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IUCr 1996 Report - Commission on Biological Macromolecules

Part of the activity of the Commission during this period has been concerned with the follow up of the initiative taken at the International Seminar-cum-School on Macromolecular Crystallographic Data held at Calcutta, India, 16-20 November 1995. In particular, a letter was addressed by a few of the leading participants to major journals on the need for enforcing the IUCr policy on deposition. The response of the journals has been encouraging, many of them publishing the letter prominently. More importantly, some journals such as Nature and Nature Structural Biology changed their policy on deposition prior to publication to comply with, to a substantial extent, the guidelines laid down by the IUCr.

During the period under review, the Commission recommended IUCr sponsorship for the meeting Direct Methods for Solving Macromolecular Structures, Erice, Italy, 22 May-2 June 1997 and the Fifth International Symposium on Protein Structure Function Relationship, Karachi, Pakistan, 6-9 January 1997.

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