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IUCr 1996 Report - Commission on Crystal Growth and Characterization of Materials

The activities of the Commission in 1996 were governed by the Seattle Congress and General Assembly. The following three of four microsymposia on crystal growth were organized under the responsibility and care of the Commission Chairman:

Crystal Growth II: Fundamentals. Chairpersons: A. A. Chernov (Russia), Nai-Ben Ming (China). Six invited papers were presented. Ten contributions submitted under this topic were shown as posters.

Crystal Growth III: Methods and Materials. Chairpersons: H. Klapper (Germany), I. Smolsky (Russia). Nine contributions, partially invited and partially selected from submitted papers, were presented. Eight submitted papers were presented as posters.

Crystal Growth IV: Controlling and Predicting Crystal Morphology. Chairpersons: N. C. Seeman (USA), E. Paulus (Germany). Seven (partially invited) papers were presented.

Moreover, 18 papers submitted to the topics Crystal Growth under Microgravity, Crystal Growth from Solutions and Melts, Epitaxial Growth, Doping and Imperfections and Others were shown as posters.

Four Commission members, among them Professor T. Nishinaga (President of the IOCG), and two consultant members attended the Seattle Congress. They met during the conference in order to discuss further activities of the Commission. It was agreed that the tradition of organizing International Schools for the benefit of young scientists from economically disadvantaged countries should be continued during the forthcoming triennium 1997-1999 in cooperation with the IOCG. Two suggestions for such schools, one to be held in Nanjing (China) and the other in Trieste (Italy) (the latter in connection with the International Centre for Theoretical Physics as principal organizer and sponsor) were discussed.

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