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IUCr 1996 Report - ICSU Committee on Space Research (COSPAR)

The 31st COSPAR Scientific Assembly and Associated Events took place at the University of Birmingham, UK, 14-21 July 1996. The duration of the congress (six days) was considerably shorter than that of previous ones (ten days), in order to reduce expenses and time for the delegates. During the Assembly, the 55th COSPAR Bureau Meeting and the 31st Council Meeting were held under the Chair of President Professor G. Haerendel. The following items extracted from the agenda and reports of these meetings are of general interest:

(i) Turkey and Ukraine became members of the COSPAR community.

(ii) The 32nd COSPAR Scientific Assembly and Associated Events will be held in Nagoya, Japan 12-19 July 1998. During the associated 1998 COSPAR Council Meeting, the new COSPAR President, Vice-President, other Bureau members, Finance Committee Chair and Finance Committee members will be elected. For the preparation of this event, a Nomination Committee consisting of five members was installed.

(iii) It was decided to hold the future COSPAR Assemblies in Poland (year 2000) and in the USA (year 2002), the latter eventually in connection with a second World Space Congress.

(iv) The installation of a new category of COSPAR affiliate, called `Supporters', was discussed and envisaged with the objective of gaining greater attention for COSPAR's work and to help bring in funds.

COSPAR has introduced a home page on the World Wide Web with the address http://COSPAR.itodys.jussieu.fr.

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