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IUCr 1997 Report - American Crystallographic Association (ACA)

The yearly ACA meetings continue to be highly successful. Though many aspects of crystallography continue to be represented, the emphasis on the life sciences is evident from the distribution of the contributed papers. The ACA membership increased by about 5% in 1997 as compared with the previous year, an increase not unrelated to the attractiveness of the annual ACA meetings. ACA council made additional funding available for student travel, and established the Elizabeth A. Wood Science Writing Award, designed to recognize those who communicate science to a general audience. The Warren, Buerger and Patterson Awards were presented to D. L. Price, C. K. Johnson and C. E. Nordman, respectively. A call for nominations was issued for the Fankuchen Award, to be presented at the 1998 meeting in Washington DC. The ACA, which includes both US and Canadian crystallographers, continues to be a very strong Regional Associate of the IUCr.

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