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Symmetry dictionary (symCIF) version 1.0.1




   The Hermann-Mauguin symbol of the type of that centrosymmetric
   symmorphic space group to which the Patterson function belongs;
   see Table in International Tables for Crystallography
   Volume A (2002).

   A space separates each symbol referring to different axes.
   Underscores may replace the spaces, but this use is discouraged.
   Subscripts should appear without special symbols.
   Bars should be given as negative signs before the number
   to which they apply.

   Ref: International Tables for Crystallography (2002). Volume A,
        Space-group symmetry, edited by Th. Hahn, 5th ed.,
        Table Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers.


'P -1'
'P 2/m'
'C 2/m'
'P m m m'
'C m m m'
'I m m m'
'F m m m'
'P 4/m'
'I 4/m'
'P 4/m m m'
'I 4/m m m'
'P -3'
'R -3'
'P -3 m 1'
'R -3 m'
'P -3 1 m'
'P 6/m'
'P 6/m m m'
'P m -3'
'I m -3'
'F m -3'
'P m -3 m'
'I m -3 m'
'F m -3 m'

Type: char

Mandatory item: no

Category: space_group