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Symmetry dictionary (symCIF) version 1.0.1




   The subgroup of the space group that leaves the point fixed.
   It is isomorphic to a subgroup of the point group of the
   space group. The site-symmetry symbol indicates the symmetry
   in the symmetry direction determined by the Hermann-Mauguin
   symbol of the space group (see International Tables for
   Crystallography Volume A, Section 2.2.12).

   Ref: International Tables for Crystallography (2002). Volume A,
        Space-group symmetry, edited by Th. Hahn, 5th ed.
        Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers.


2.22 position 2b in space group No. 94, P 42 21 2
42.2 position 6b in space group No. 222, P n -3 n
2.. Site symmetry for the Wyckoff position 96f in space group No. 228, F d -3 c. The site-symmetry group is isomorphic to the point group 2 with the twofold axis along one of the {100} directions.

Type: char

Mandatory item: no

Category: space_group_Wyckoff