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A Class Library of mmCIF Access Tools

The CIFOBJ class library was developed by the NDB in order to provide an object view of the mmCIF dictionary. The class library has two components. The first component builds a persistent store of objects of type: item, sub-category, category, and dictionary. Each object is a container for all relevant attributes for that object type. CIBOBJ accesses and checks the dictionary contents using methods provided by CIFLIB. The CIFOBJ loader class assembles the dictionary objects and passes these to the object storage manager. The second component of the CIFOBJ class library provides methods for building dictionary objects from the persistent store. CIFOBJ implements methods to access all of the attributes for each object type and returns this information as a string or an array of strings.

CIFOBJ Reference Guide (HTML)
CIFOBJ Reference Guide (PostScript)
Installation notes for the builder class library
Installation notes for the loader class library
Download the current release of the CIFOBJ builder class library
Download the current release of the CIFOBJ loader class library
CIFLibCommon Reference Guide (HTML)
CIFLibCommon Reference Guide (PostScript)

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