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Chairman: Hartmut Fuess

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General information

The main activity of the Commission on International Tables is the planning, editing and maintaining of the volumes of International Tables for Crystallography.

Most of the communication within the Commission, as well as between Editors, authors, and the Technical Editor, is done by correspondence - predominantly by electronic mail - and by personal contacts. At the triennial International Congresses of the IUCr the Commission holds an Open Meeting in which the published volumes, new editions and proposed new volumes are discussed. The abstracts of the Open Meeting are published with the proceedings of the Congress, but were also made available on the web for the first time for the 17th IUCr Congress that took place in Seattle, August 1996. A brief description of the Seattle Open Meeting is available here (see also IUCr Newsletter, Vol. 5, No. 2, p.15). The next Open Meeting took place in August 1999 in Glasgow, during the 18th IUCr Congress. A brief description of the Glasgow Open M eeting is available here.

An Open Meeting of the Commission on International Tables is scheduled for the IUCr Congress in Florence, in 2005 - details will follow in the Programme Book.

The on-line version of International Tables for Crystallography will officially be launched at the IUCr Congress in Florence.

The Commission on International Tables is one of the Publishing commissions of the IUCr. Its members are appointed by the Executive Committee of the IUCr. This home page of the Commission contains links to:

Electronic production of International Tables

As a result of extensive deliberations with the Editorial Office in Chester, the present and future volumes of International Tables will be typeset using standard generalized markup language (sgml). An sgml file is a highly structured method of storing the text of an article, and may be used by many other programs for typesetting a printed article, conversion to html for display on the web or storing on a CD-ROM, as an archive of the article and so on. The file also contains links to files containing the figures for the article. It is hoped that once all the volumes have been typeset from sgml files, revised volumes will be quicker, easier and cheaper to produce and (in electronic versions) extensive cross-referencing between the volumes will be possible. The second edition of International Tables Volume B, the fifth edition of Volume A and Volumes F and D have already been converted to sgml.

Commission members

All Editions and Editors of International Tables

Recently published volumes

Volume A: Space-Group Symmetry

Editor: Th. Hahn

Fifth Edition 2002

Brief Teaching Edition of Volume A

Editor: Th. Hahn

Fifth Edition 2002

Volume A1: Symmetry Relations between Space Groups

Editors: H. Wondratschek and U. Müller

First Edition 2004

Volume B: Reciprocal Space

Editor: U. Shmueli

Second Edition 2001

Volume C: Mathematical, Physical and Chemical Tables

Editor: E. Prince

Third Edition 2004

[Editor of Volume C from 1981 to 1995: A. J. C. Wilson (deceased).]

Volume D: Physical Properties of Crystals

Editor: A. Authier

First Edition 2003

Volume E: Subperiodic Groups

Editors: V. Kopský and D.B. Litvin

First Edition 2002

Volume F: Crystallography of Biological Macromolecules

Editors: M.G. Rossmann and E. Arnold

First Edition 2001

Volume G: Definition and Exchange of Crystallographic Data

Editors: S. R. Hall and B. McMahon

First Edition 2005
The home pages of recently published editions of International Tables are maintained by the IUCr office in Chester and are accessible at the URL:

Order form (PDF format) for Volumes A, A1, B, C, D, E, F, G and the Teaching Edition of Volume A.

New volumes and editions in preparation

Volume B: Reciprocal Space (Third Edition)

Editor: U. Shmueli

Updated 1 August 2005

International Tables Commission Webmaster

This page is being updated as appropriate, and may accommodate further modifications. The information presented here has been supplied by the Editors of the various volumes of International Tables, the Chairman of the Commission on International Tables, and the staff of the Editorial Office of the IUCr.