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Crystallographic Teaching Commission of the IUCr

16th November 2007

30th October 2007

3rd March 2007

17th October 2006

7th September 2006

7th July 2006

29th June 2006

26th June 2006

19th April 2006

19th January 2006

12th October 2005

17th September 2005

12th September 2005

  • Draft of updated webpage started.

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Please feel free to email any queries to: Paola Spadon (Teaching Commission Chair)

The original for this webpage was based on the 28th Nov 1999 Oxford University Chemical Crystallography Homepage at http://www.xtl.ox.ac.uk/ designed by Richard Cooper. IUCr Crystallographic Computing webpage maintained by Lachlan Cranswick ( lachlan.cranswick@nrc.gc.ca).