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IUCr 1993 Triennial Report - Commission on Crystallographic Computing

In the present triennium, the Commission has been engaged in the following activities:

(1) Organization of the Microsymposium Trends in Crystallographic Computing at the Bordeaux Congress.

(2) Refereeing of the section Computer Program Abstracts in J. Appl. Cryst. Until July 1990 this work was undertaken by D. Viterbo and K. Watenpaugh. Currently it is carried out by A. Olson and G. Reck.

(3) The Veszprém School on Crystallographic Computing was held at Balatonfüred, Hungary, from 31 May to 6 June 1992. The School was attended by 85 participants from 20 countries. There were 20 invited lectures and about a dozen contributed posters. The School provided a balanced programme of lectures, tutorials in small groups and demonstrations of crystallographic computer programs on a plentiful array of modern computer equipment, both PCs and workstations. A noteworthy aspect of the work presented at the School was the presentation of systems using modern windowing techniques and object-oriented programming. The organization of the School was the work of two committees: (a) a Programme Committee comprised of H. D. Flack (Chair), F. H. Allen, H.-F. Fan, K. Huml, N. W. Isaacs, C. Kratky, A. J. Olson, L. Párkányi, G. Reck, H. Schenk, M. I. Sirota, I. Vickovic, D. Viterbo and K. Watenpaugh and (b) a Local Organizing Committee comprised of K. Simon (Chair), Gy. Argay (Secretary), Zs. Böcskei, M. Czugler, G. Csonka, G. Náray-Szabó, I. Sajó and G. Speier. M. Hanusz provided much technical help before and during the meeting.

(4) It has most unfortunately not been possible to organize a School on Crystallographic Computing to be held in the People's Republic of China in the summer of 1993 as a Satellite Meeting to the Beijing Congress. At each of the two choices of site, the local organization faced insurmountable difficulties. In the summer of 1992, the Chairman of the Commission, in consultation with the IUCr Executive Committee, decided to cancel the arrangements for this School.

(5) In conjunction with the European Crystallographic Committee, crystallographic news on conferences, meetings, IUCr circulars and journals has been installed since spring 1992 on the information server CONCISE of the RARE project COSINE. This server is available for consultation by e-mail, interactive session or file transfer. Connection details have been circulated by e-mail and by announcements in the IUCr Newsletter. Considerable experience has been gained in the use of such computerized information systems.

(6) Preliminary negotiations are under way to find a site for a School on Crystallographic Computing in the Asian area in 1994/1995. Likewise, early contacts have been made for a School to be held as a Satellite Meeting to IUCr XVII.

(7) The invited lectures and contributed posters of the Veszprém School have been prepared for publication in the IUCr series of Monographs published by Oxford University Press. The editorial work on this book was undertaken by H. D. Flack, L. Párkányi and K. Simon. M. Hanusz also participated actively in the editorial work necessary to prepare this book. At the time of writing, the manuscripts and figures have all been formatted and delivered to OUP.

(8) The organization and programme of an Open Meeting of the Commission with the title Crystallographic Computing for the Beijing Congress is being undertaken.

25 March 1993                                H. D. FLACK, Chairman

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