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IUCr 1993 Triennial Report - Commission on Small Molecules

During the past triennium, the principal activity of the Commission on Small Molecules has been the organization, planning and execution of International Symposia on topics appropriate to the Commission.

A well balanced programme of sessions and poster presentations of interest to small-molecule crystallographers was scheduled for almost every day of the Bordeaux Congress in 1990. There were stimulating discussion sessions based upon the Microsymposia. The Microsymposia were attended by 150-200 people and the discussion sessions drew 75-125.

International Symposia organized during the triennium with assistance from the Commission included the following. Computational Methods in Chemical Design - Molecular Modeling - Theory and Experiment, the third in the series of meetings held in Schloss Elmau, 15-20 October 1990, brought together theoreticians and experimentalists. The unifying theme was structural chemistry. Experimental topics included X-ray crystallography, NMR spectroscopy and piezomodulation spectroscopy. Theoretical topics ranged from ab initio calculations to molecular dynamics. The meeting was attended by nearly 200 participants including a number of young scientists.

The Eighth Crystal Chemistry Symposium organized by R. Boese, J. Garbarczyp, Z. Kaluski and D. Jones was held in Rydzyna, Poland, 26-30 July 1992. Topics of the meeting included crystal engineering and the design of crystals with specific properties, information on crystal chemistry derived from databases and low-temperature crystal chemistry. A report from the meeting appeared in the first issue of the IUCr Newsletter.

A Satellite Symposium on Molecular Structure will be held in Fuzhou, China, 30 August-1 September 1993 immediately following the Beijing Congress. Details of the programme, which includes four main topics (Systematic Analysis of Molecular Geometry, Conformation and Thermal Motion; Molecular Interaction and Recognition in Crystals; Structure and Activity of Biological Molecules; and Phase Relation and Transformation in Some Small Moiety Systems), were included in the first issue of the IUCr Newsletter. The International Programme Committee is composed of J. A. K. Howard, W. L. Duax, H. Bürgi, M. F. Mackay, G. Gilli, L. Nassimbeni, S.-x. Liu and J.-l. Huang.

To date, the CSM proposal of International Cooperation in Intensity Data Collection has been responsible for the collection of intensity data on 35 structures. In most of these cases, structures have been solved and manuscripts are published, in press, or in preparation. An article concerning the project will appear in a forthcoming issue of the IUCr Newsletter.

17 May 1993                                W. L. DUAX, Chairman

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