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IUCr 1993 Triennial Report - IUPAC Interdivisional Committee on Nomenclature and Symbols (IDCNS)

IDCNS is responsible for reviewing all recommendations concerning matters of nomenclature and symbols that originate within IUPAC Commissions and Divisions. Following revision and acceptance, these recommendations are published in Pure and Applied Chemistry and become binding on all IUPAC-related publications. The IUCr Representative and his Alternate (A. J. C. Wilson) evaluate each document and provide critical comment as appropriate from the crystallographic point of view. IDCNS met in September 1990 in Cambridge, England, August 1991 in Hamburg, Germany, and September 1992 in Oxford, England. Each meeting was attended by the Alternate rather than the Representative in order to reduce travel costs for the IUCr. These meetings provide the IUCr with a valuable insight into the complex interactions that exist between the major international bodies charged with standardizing the names, values and symbols of important quantitites. They also provide direct IUCr input into IUPAC decisions of crystallographic importance. IDCNS became a member of the Comité Consultatif des Unités du Conférence Générales des Poids et Mesures (CCU) during the triennium. CCU is the body ultimately responsible for SI units, among other critical nomenclature standards; although IUPAC membership makes CCU more accessible to crystallographic concerns, it may be advisable for the IUCr to seek direct membership in CCU.

23 February 1993                               S. C. ABRAHAMS, Representative                                
                                               A. J. C. WILSON, Alternate

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