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IUCr 1993 Triennial Report - International Organization of Crystal Growth (IOCG)

The main activities of the IOCG during the triennium have been in the organization of the 10th International Conference on Crystal Growth (ICCG-10) and the 8th International Summer School on Crystal Growth (ISSCG-8) held, respectively, in San Diego and Palm Springs, California, USA. Both events were hosted by the American Association of Crystal Growth (AACG), who provided a Conference and a Summer School of the highest quality.

ICCG-10 was held 16-21 August 1992 and was attended by 641 delegates, less than in the previous meeting in Japan in 1989. The delegates were from 33 countries and, for the statistics, 264 delegates were from the USA, 138 from Japan, 41 from Germany and more than 20 delegates only from China, CIS and the UK. As to topics, out of 32 sections, nine were devoted to semiconductors (80 communications), three to superconductors (26 communications), three to non-linear-optics materials (25 communications) and the others concerned various materials including biomaterials and solution-grown industrial crystals. The proceedings of ICCG-10 will be published as a special edition of the Journal of Crystal Growth.

ISSCG-8, held 9-15 August 1992, was well attended by about 150 participants, with an increase of about 20% with respect to the previous meeting in Japan. The School provided a high-level programme of lectures that covered a wide range of topics. The proceedings of the School will be published.

During ICCG-10 in San Diego, the IOCG dealt with its major business matters in meetings of the Executive Committee, Council and General Assembly. The IOCG Executive Council has been renovated for the coming triennium 1992-95. The slate of officials elected by the Council and formally approved by the General Assembly is the following: President: B. Cockayne (UK); Vice-Presidents: T. Nishinaga (Japan) and R. F. Sekerka (USA); Secretary: M. Schieber (Israel); Treasurer: E. Kaldis (Switzerland); Past President: R. Kern (France). Executive Committee: K. W. Benz (Germany), A. A. Chernov (CIS), R. Feigelson (USA), D. T. J. Hurle (UK), P. Ramasamy (India), R. Rodriguez-Clemente (Spain), G. M. van Rosmalen (The Netherlands), I. Sunagawa (Japan). Ex officio members: W. Bonner (USA), J. F. Wenkus (USA), C. F. Woensdregt (The Netherlands), P. Dauday (The Netherlands), R. A. Laudise (USA), V. V. Osiko (CIS), Representative to the IUCr, C. Paorici (Italy), Representative of the IUCr.

During the General Assembly in San Diego, it was decided that ICCG-11 and ISSCG-9 will be sequentially held in The Netherlands, the former in The Hague 18-23 June 1995 whilst the venue of the latter (to be held 11-16 June) has yet to be confirmed. The National Associations to be responsible for ICCG-12 and ISSCG-10, scheduled for 1998, have also been approved. ICCG-12 will be organized in Israel by the Israeli Association for Crystal Growth (IsACG) and ISSCG-10 by the Italian Association for Crystal Growth (IACG). Precise venues and dates will be a matter for future decision. During ICCG-10, the IOCG Frank and Laudise Prizes were also awarded. The Frank Prize was awarded to R. F. Sekerka (USA) for seminal contributions to the theory of crystal growth, whilst the Laudise Prize was awarded jointly to V. V. Osiko (CIS) and J. F. Wenkus (USA) for the understanding and development of techniques for growing large quantities of high-quality refractory crystals.

A last point worth mentioning is that for the first time the IOCG has made a compilation of the current membership numbers within the constituent national organizations. They are, for each country, as follows: CIS (CISSCG, 700), France (GFCC, 285), Germany (DGKK, 514), Hungary (HNCCG, 40), India (IACG, 200), Israel (IsACG, 180), Italy (IACG, 107), Japan (JACG, 680), Korea (KACG, 330), The Netherlands (KKN, 160), Poland (PSCG, 40), Spain (SGCC, 70), Switzerland (SKM, 250), UK (BACG, 350), USA (AACG, 750).

6 May 1993                                C. PAORICI, Representative

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