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IUCr 1993 Triennial Report - IUCr/Oxford University Press Book Series

The launching of this Series was reported to the General Assembly at Perth (1987). The agreement between the IUCr and the OUP was finalized soon afterwards. The Series consists of three sub-series:

IUCr Crystallographic Symposia (IUCr CS)

IUCr Monographs on Crystallography (IUCr MC)

IUCr Texts on Crystallography (IUCr TC)

The Book Series Committee membership currently is J. H. Robertson (UK; Chairman), A. M. Glazer (UK), J. P. Glusker (USA), K. Kuchitsu (Japan) and V. I. Simonov (Russia), with H. J. Stanbury as the ex officio representative of the OUP and the President and the General Secretary of the IUCr as ex officio members. This Committee considers proposals for new publications, whether proceedings of Schools or Symposia, monographs or textbooks on crystallography, and makes recommendations to the IUCr Executive Committee and to the Delegates of the Press (the body responsible for approving all publications handled by the OUP).

Books published since the Bordeaux General Assembly

IUCr CS-4. Garbarczyk, J. B. & Jones, D. W. (Eds.) 1991. Organic Crystal Chemistry. (Proceedings of the symposium of that title held in Poznan, Poland, in August 1989.)

IUCr CS-5. Moras, D., Podjarny, A. D. & Thierry, J. C. (Eds.) 1991. Crystallographic Computing 5. From Chemistry to Biology. (Proceedings of the International School held in Bischenberg, France, in July/August 1990.)

IUCr MC-1. Domenicano, A. & Hargittai, I. (Eds.) 1992. Accurate Molecular Structures.

IUCr MC-2. Cruickshank, D. W. J., Juretschke, H. J. & Kato, N. (Eds.) 1992. P. P. Ewald and his Dynamical Theory of X-ray Diffraction. (This Monograph grew out of the commemorative Microsymposium held during the Perth Congress in 1987.)

IUCr MC-3. Cowley, J. M. (Ed.) 1992. Electron Diffraction Techniques, Volume 1.

IUCr MC-4. Cowley, J. M. (Ed.) 1993. Electron Diffraction Techniques, Volume 2.

IUCr MC-5. Young, R. A. (Ed.) 1992. The Rietveld Method. (Monograph based on invited papers at the International Workshop held in Petten, The Netherlands, in June 1989.)

IUCr TC-2. Giacovazzo, C. (Ed.) 1992. Fundamentals of Crystallography.

Books expected to be published soon

IUCr CS-6. Flack, H. D. (Ed.). Crystallographic Computing 6. (Proceedings of the International School held in Veszprém, Hungary, in June 1992.)

IUCr CS-7. Jones, D. W. & Katrusiak, A. (Eds.). Organic Crystal Chemistry: Correlations, Transformations and Interactions. (Proceedings of the Symposium of that title held in Poznan, Poland, in July 1992.)

IUCr TC-3. Paufler, P. Physical Crystallography. (This will be an up-dated and extended version of Paufler's original Physikalische Kristallographie.)

Other topics under active consideration

Life's Molecular Machinery. This topic, which has been on the table since the birth of the Book Series Committee, has recently found a prospective author.

Instrumental Methods of X-ray Analysis. A quite recent proposal, which looks very promising.

Crystals. A book (in English) to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Institute of Crystallography of the Academy of Sciences of Russia, in Moscow.

Molecules and Crystals. A possible book to bring together the important and related areas of molecular recognition and crystal engineering.

Future membership of the Book Series Committee

The current membership is willing to continue for a further three-year period.

24 May 1993                                J. H. ROBERTSON, Chairman

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