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IUCr 1999 Triennial Report - International Organization of Crystal Growth (IOCG)

During the triennium, the activities of the IOCG were mainly governed by the preparation and performance of the following scientific meetings:

Tenth International Summer School on Crystal Growth (ISSCG-10), Rimini, Italy, 1—6 June 1998.

Chairs: R. Fornari (MASPEC Parma), and C. Paorici (University of Parma).

Twelfth International Congress on Crystal Growth (ICCG-12). Chair: A. Horowitz (Beer Sheva, Israel).

Tenth International Congress on Vapour Growth and Epitaxy (ICVGE-10). Chair: M. Roth (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem).

The two latter conferences were jointly held in Jerusalem, Israel, 26—31 July 1998 and were attended by 570 registered participants, which is considerably less than the 700 attendees of ICCG-11 held in The Hague, The Netherlands, in June 1995. About 25% of the participants came from Eastern European countries. Roughly 900 abstracts were accepted and about 650 papers and posters presented. Three satellite workshops (W1: Crystallization Phenomena in Food, Pharmaceuticals and Bio-related Materials; W2: Phase Field Models of Solidification Processes; W3: Room Temperature Semiconductor Detectors for Remote, Portable and in situ Radiation Measurement Systems) were run in parallel with the main conferences. About 240 papers presented during both conferences and the three workshops were published in the Conference Proceedings [J. Cryst.Growth (1999). 198/199, 1—1394].

During ICCG-12, meetings of the IOCG Executive Committee, of the IOCG Council and of the General Assembly were held under the Chair of its President, T. Nishinaga. The following resolutions, among others, have been approved: The Chinese Crystal Growth and Materials Sub-Society (CCGMS), affiliated to the Chinese Ceramic Society, and the Australian Association for Crystal Growth (AUSACG) were formally accepted into the IOCG. The offers made by the French Association for Crystal Growth to organise ICCG-14 during 2004 in France, and by the German Association for Crystal Growth to organise ISCCG-12 during 2004 in Germany, were accepted. The offer made by the American Association for Crystal Growth to hold ICCG-15 in Washington, DC, in 2007 was noted. The President and the Executive Committee were asked to explore (a) the possibility of the IOCG becoming an International Scientific Associate affiliated to ICSU, with a possible change of name to International Union for Crystal Growth, and (b) ways of raising funds appropriate for IOCG activities.


The following officers and Executive Committee members are elected for the period 1998—2001: President: T. Nishinaga (Japan), Vice-Presidents: K.W. Benz (Germany), R.F. Sekerka (USA), Secretary: T.E. Kuech (USA), Treasurer: C.F. Woensdregt (The Netherlands), Past President: B. Cockayne (UK), Honorary Principal Founder IOCG: M. Schieber (Israel). Executive Committee members: J.J. Favier (France), A. Horowitz (Israel), Jiang Min-Hua (People's Republic of China), T. Ohachi (Japan), V.V. Osiko (Russia), C. Paorici (Italy), H.J. Scheel (Switzerland), J.N. Sherwood (UK). Ex officio members of the Executive Committee: J. Buttrey (USA), P.M. Dryburgh (UK) (IOCG representative to the IUCr), H. Klapper (Germany) (IUCr representative to the IOCG), J.P. van der Eerden (The Netherlands) (IOCG representative to IUPAP); J.N. Sherwood (UK) (IOCG representative to IUPAC), and others. In addition, 35 Councillors representing 18 national associations, five Councillors representing nations who do not have a national association, and four ex officio Councillors representing International Unions were approved. The ex officio Councillor representing the IUCr is M.H. Dacombe, the Executive Secretary of the IUCr.

The following IOCG Prizes, sponsored by the ICCG-12/ICVGE-12 Organising Committee, were awarded: The Frank Prize to K.A. Jackson (USA) and the Laudise Prize to I. Akasaki (Japan). The Thirteenth International Congress on Crystal Growth (ICCG-13) and the Eleventh International School on Crystal Growth (ISSCG-11) will be held in Kyotanabe, Japan, 29 July — 3 August 2001.

H. Klapper, IUCr Representative

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