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IUCr 1999 Triennial Report - IUCr Newsletter

The IUCr Newsletter is a vehicle to broadcast and promote the interests and activities of the IUCr and its Commissions and Committees and to strengthen communication in the world community of crystallographers.

An effort is made to promote meetings and publications sponsored by the IUCr. Highlights of the eleven issues published during the triennium included extensive coverage of the Seattle Congress, preliminary information concerning the Glasgow Congress, a cover story on the IUCr web site, and articles covering the development of CIF formats.

The aim is to cover all areas of crystallography, both in the text and with the choice of cover illustrations. Cover illustrations in the triennium included small-molecule crystallography, macromolecular structures, fibre diffraction, small-angle scattering, the IUCr web site, and the Glasgow Congress site. Several covers were composites combining small-molecule, materials and macromolecular applications to emphasise the broad range and remarkable power of crystallography.

Eleven issues of the IUCr Newsletter were published from 1996 through 1998. The issues ranged in length from 16 to 32 pages. Each contained a letter from the President, news of IUCr Commission activities, crystallographic meeting announcements and reports, obituaries of prominent crystallographers, notices of elections, awards to crystallographers, and information on books, web sites, resources, and activities of interest to crystallographers. When available, information on meetings and advances in electron diffraction, neutron diffraction, amorphous materials, and quasicrystals, and other related topics are published. Contributions from crystallographers everywhere are sought; material is gathered from newsletters of crystallographic associations and societies and from leading science news magazines. Photographs are provided by contributors or drawn from the personal collection of the Editor. Almost all contributions are published and all material is edited to varying degrees.

A significant portion of the support for the publication and distribution of the IUCr Newsletter comes from advertising revenue. The average number of pages of advertising per issue rose from eight in 1996 to twelve in 1998.

The staff of the editorial office in Buffalo, New York, USA, are responsible for desktop preparation of all copy, all negotiations with the printer, postal authorities, and distribution houses, correspondence with contributors, maintenance and production of the mailing list, and solicitation and handling of all advertising.

W. L. Duax, Editor

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