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IUCr 1999 Triennial Report - IUCr/Oxford University Press Book Series

The launching of this Series was reported to the General Assembly at Perth (1987). The agreement between the IUCr and the OUP was finalised soon afterwards. The Series has consisted of three sub-series:

IUCr Crystallographic Symposia (IUCr CS)

IUCr Monographs on Crystallography (IUCr MC)

IUCr Texts on Crystallography (IUCr TC)

The above arrangement continued over the initial seven years of the Series but was revised by the Executive Committee in 1994, when it was decided that, with the exception of the series on Crystallographic Computing, The Symposia Series (IUCr CS) could be dropped because it had become possible for that type of publication to be handled by Special Issues of the IUCr journals. Thus the Book Series consists now of Monographs and Texts only, except for the books on Crystallographic Computing.

The Book Series Committee membership currently is: P. Coppens (USA; Chair), A.A. Chernov (Russia), G.R. Desiraju (India), J. Drenth (The Netherlands), A.M. Glazer (UK), J.P. Glusker (USA) and J.R. Helliwell (UK), with M. Levitt as the ex officio representative of the OUP and the President and the General Secretary of the IUCr as ex officio members. This Committee considers proposals for new publications and makes recommendations to the IUCr Executive Committee and to the Delegates of the Press (the body responsible for approving all publications handled by the OUP).

During the reporting period the Committee interacted with a considerable number of prospective authors and with representatives of Oxford University Press (OUP). Collaboration with OUP has been easy and effective. While the Committee has attempted to facilitate rapid publication of approved manuscripts, there is a large variation in the length of time between the initial contact and publication, generally caused by circumstances beyond the Committee's control. Several volumes initiated by the previous Committee have appeared during the reporting period. Of the volumes handled by the present Committee, a Conference Proceedings and a Monograph are scheduled to appear before the Glasgow Congress. Two additional Monographs are under OUP contract and being written, while two other manuscripts are in the negotiating stage. The field of crystallography is by no means fully covered by the books that have appeared or are to appear in this Series. Prospective authors are invited to discuss their plans with any of the members of the Book Series Committee.

P. Coppens, Chair

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Updated 6th June 1999

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