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Re: cif-developers mailing list

Dear Brian 

> Would you like me to relay your earlier msg to the Rietveld users group?

Yes please. Likewise, members are welcome to redistribute the announcement
to any other suitable public fora.
> Any chance to have a e-mail list getting a weekly digest of mail topics?
> -- Along the lines of deja-news. I would be interested to know what
> people are talking about, and might then follow up, but will not
> remember to check the web site nor do I want all the messages

Yes, that's already in place. First subscribe to the list by sending an
email to listproc@iucr.org saying (in your case)
      subscribe cif-developers  Brian Toby

When you receive your acknowledgement, send another message to
listproc@iucr.org saying
      set cif-developers mail digest

You will then receive a weekly digest (or more frequently if the digest size
exceeds 5000 lines in length, as in the bad ol' days of COMCIFS circulars


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