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IUCr Florence Congress

Dear Colleagues,

As time for the IUCr Congress in Florence approaches and people are 
starting to make plans for travel and accommodation, let me outline the 
arrangements for the COMCIFS meetings planned during the Congress.

There will be an open meeting (OCM) on Friday, Aug 26 in Room 5 arranged 
by John Westbrook.  The following speakers will focus on the 
applications and uses of CIF and CIF dictionaries:

12.35 - Ralf Grosse-Kunstleve
12.50 - Wladek Minor
13.05 - Ethan Merrit
13.20 - Frank Allen

13.35 - Haruki Nakamura
13.50 - Brian McMahon
14.05 - Kim Henrick
14.20 - Zukang Feng

We have also planned two closed meetings.  These are technically 
restricted to the voting members of COMCIFS, but the chair normally 
welcomes other interested people to attend and join in the discussion.  
In these meetings I suggest that we should focus on the future of 
information services in crystallography to help us gain a clearer idea 
of how the CIF project should develop.  These meetings are being held on 
Thursday Aug. 25 from 1500-1700 in Room 6 and on Monday Aug. 29 from 
1235-1435 in Room 8.

David Brown
fn:I.David Brown
org:McMaster University;Brockhouse Institute for Materials Research
adr:;;King St. W;Hamilton;Ontario;L8S 4M1;Canada
title:Professor Emeritus
tel;work:+905 525 9140 x 24710
tel;fax:+905 521 2773

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