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Escape code issues

Are the special character codes intended to be active for regular string
items? I see this Greek letter usage in an example from

_diffrn_radiation.type                'Cu K\a'

The same page references a ddl_3 dictionary with this:
    "length_squared 'picometres squared (meters * 10^(-12))^2'"

Using CIF codes, that string should mark "(-12))" as superscript, right?

Also: The DDL dictionaries mention an exception to POSIX regular
expression by allowing '\t' and '\n'. My understanding is that these
characters are ordinary valid characters in the POSIX specification, and
it is only the backslash notation that is not allowed. So, this section
really only needs to state that the \n and \t sequences must be
transformed to newline and tab to represent obtain the actual
regular-expression string.

Joe Krahn
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