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Transfer from msCIF: diffrn and exptl_crystal items

Dear Colleagues

I offer profound apologies for the lengthy silence from Chester on
CIF-related matters. There will now be a flurry of postings as I move
forward on a couple of projects. One is the submission of the modulated
structures dictionary prepared by Gotzon Madariaga; the other is the formal
acceptance of version 2.1 of the core. In some cases there will be an
overlap, as in the present posting.

David Brown has suggested that the following items proposed by Gotzon be
incorporated into the Core:

    _name                      '_exptl_crystal_pressure_history'
    _category                    exptl_crystal
    _type                        char
;              Relevant details concerning the pressure history of the

    _name                      '_exptl_crystal_thermal_history'
    _category                    exptl_crystal
    _type                        char
;              Relevant details concerning the thermal history of the

    _name                      '_diffrn_symmetry_description'
    _category                    diffrn
    _type                        char
;              Observed diffraction symmetry, systematic absences and possible
               superspace group(s) compatible with it.

If I hear no objections by the end of August, I shall take these as


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