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cylinder length

	I have just received the following suggestion from Bill Clegg:
The CIF dictionary has items for min, mean and max crystal dimensions; 
also for the radius of a spherical or cylindrical crystal.  But there
seems to be no defined item for the LENGTH of a cylindrical crystal.  I
have checked with Syd, who agrees that this seems to be an omission. 
Could something be added, please?  I know it's not likely to be needed
often, but I've just come across a case in handling an Acta Cryst
submission.  I'll cheat on this occasion and use the _max item for it, but
I don't think that's really quite the right answer in the long term. 

	I would suggest that we add an item:


and in the definition of the _exptl_crystal_size_ items we replace the

	'If the crystal is a sphere of a cylinder the '_rad' item is
the radius'


	'If the crystal is a sphere then the '_rad' item is its radius.
If the crystal is a cylinder then the '_rad' item is its radius and the
'_length' item is its length'

or should we use 'height' instead of 'length'?

				David Brown

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