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Re: Absolute structure

Dear Howard

>   In the attached file you will find my version of the accumulated state
> of the modifications to existing data names and new data names following
> the group's e-mail discussions concerning absolute structure and
> absolute configuration. I needed to put these in order for my own
> purposes at ECM-18 and I thought it might just save Brian some work. The
> texts are the ones on which there appeared to be agreement with
> (a) one extra sentence in the definition of
> _refine_ls_abs_structure_Flack
> (b) some rewording in _chemical_absolute_configuration implying that for
> absolute configuration determination the measurement and reporting of
> the optical rotation in solution are considered mandatory.

Thank you very much indeed. I had already incorporated these changes in my
working draft (in the near future I shall post a full status report on the
current draft), but your summary was a very helpful check and threw up one
or two minor errors in what I had done.


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