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[Fwd: Re: 4 new proposed data items for the core CIF DIC]

> 24.1 Interdivisional Committee on Terminology, Nomenclature and Symbols of the International
> Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC ICTNS)

> Another proposal concerns the use of the
> name ‘uno’, symbol U, for the unit one so that dimensionless numbers may be treated in the same way as all other SI units.
> Thus, a second phase in a material detected at a 15 μg/kg level, for example, would be expressed as 15 nU (15 nanouno) of
> that phase. Among other advantages, the proposed unit eliminates the present widespread and sometimes ambiguous use of
> abbreviations such as ppm (for the number 10–6), ppb (for the number 10–9 in the USA and UK, 10–12 in continental Europe).
> CCU had proposed the name uno in 1999 but no action was taken at that time by the Comité International des Poids et
> Mesures. All Directors of National Institutes of Metrology and other relevant institutions have been canvassed for the widest
> views on the proposal. 

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