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Powder Diffraction Cuba

IUCr Newsletter (1996). 4(3), 21.

The development of the cement, metallurgical, and mining industries in Cuba, stimulated by large natural deposits of CaCO 3, SiO2, and nickel, require X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and diffraction (XRD) techniques. The Siemens Analytical X-ray Systems organized a workshop in the Int'l Convention Center of Havana, Cuba, where demonstrations of their instruments and software were presented. The movie 100 Years After the Discovery of X-Rays was shown at the workshop and donated to the U. of Havana. The workshop opened new opportunities for scientists involved in XRF and XRD from different institutions in Cuba to develop collaborative projects and joint efforts to upgrade their analytical equipment. E. Parthé, from the U. of Geneva, also attended the workshop, while delivering his intensive course on Inorganic Structural Chemistry at the facilities of the National Center for Scientific Research (CNIC) of Havana. Parthé demonstrated his PC computer program that simulates powder diffraction patterns (LAZY-PULVERIX) and standardized crystal structure data (STRUCTURE-TIDY) and supervised hands-on sessions using the TYPIX program and database.

Other crystallographers are being invited to share their experiences and assist in the development of X-ray analytical techniques in Cuba science and industry.

Hector Novoa de Armas

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